Friday, July 5, 2013

The Darkest Hour - Prologue

Dear Benjamin,
It has been six months since you left this little town of Nuitville. Six months since I've seen your face or heard your voice. I don't miss you the way I thought I would. Tears didn't fall for long and I limited my wallowing. I have you to thank for that.
About five months ago, I pulled out this old journal of ours and went stumbling through old entries. It was the entry on hauntings that caught my attention. Do you remember it? I asked you about the old barn on the back of the Silcox land. It has always been reported as the haunted hangout of Nuitville.
I asked you, the ghost expert, whether or not the barn was truly haunted. You responded by inviting me to check it out. Turns out you had some fun with the outing and gave me a good scare. You were the ghost who occassionally haunted the old barn. You told me that you weren't the original ghost to haunt it though. I asked you what had happened to the original ghost.
Your response stuck with me. It's the reason behind my curent hobby. You told me the same thing had happened to her that happens to all ghosts in Nuitville. You helped her move on to her next place in life. This was the part of the entry that broke me out of my reverie.
It was one question that woke me up: Who will help the ghosts move on now that you're gone? I fear Nuitville will get overcrowded with wandering souls without a Benjamin to help them out. So, I set out to help the many lost ghosts roaming our streets. Let me tell you - it's not easy looking for ghosts to help. And it's even harder helping ghosts who don't welcome the help. I don't know how you ever did it alone.


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