About the Author: Pamela

Pamela currently lives in Charleston, SC. She shares her apartment with Ella, the black dog she adopted two years ago. Ella is currently three and a fun companion to have around. She's full of
energy, yet listens well to her owner. It didn't take long to see that she was a perfect match for Pamela.

She has been teaching in the area for the past five years. She has worked with kindergarten, special ed, and second grade. This year she'll be starting a new adventure in first grade. She's quite excited to see what the year holds for her and her students.

People often ask if she goes by "Pamela" or "Pam". Her response is usually that she goes by both and doesn't care which you use. The one nickname she won't answer to is "Pammy" because that one was reserved for her mom's use when she was a kid. So, go ahead and make your decision about which to call her.

She is very active in the online community. She helps run a writer's group that becomes extremely active around Nanowrimo events. She also keeps up with several blogs and groups through Facebook. You can follow her personal writing endeavors through these sites as well. If you would like to learn more about her, you can click through the links below.

(personal blog)
(teaching blog)
(author page)
(freelance photography)

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