Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Anthromagic ~ Chapter 27

By the time I woke, I assumed the sun had set low in the sky and I found myself in a plush sleigh bed that you might’ve found in a Victorian home. Rubbing my eyes and sitting up, I looked around trying to establish where I was, but it was too dim to determine much beyond the shape of the bed. I could tell that the room was large and the door seemed infinitely far away. Slowly, I brought my feet over the edge of the bed and tried to feel the floor beneath my feet. The sudden chill that met my toes caused an instant reflex, causing me to jerk my feet back up into the linens. Anticipating the cold the second time, I put my feet firmly on the floor and stood up from the bedside. After ten or twelve feet, I reached the other side of the room and the door. Gently cracking the door, I peered into complete darkness cautiously before opening the door to its widest expansion and walking through. Once I’d passed through the doorway, I felt furs, cotton and blends, and polyester brushing against my face and realized I’d walked into a closet instead of a hallway.

Turning around, I tried to look back into the room where I’d awoken to locate a door, but I couldn’t see anything in the dim light. I let my feet glide across the floor, using them to test the area in front of me for any possible dangers before proceeding around the room in search of another doorway. Letting my hand flow across the wall as I followed it around the room, I searched for cold metal that might indicate a door handle. Within moments, my hand grasped a knob and I pulled the door open into the room, allowing light to cover the span of the room.

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