Friday, January 7, 2011

Help Us Spread the Word

The recent change in the website address brought many good things with it and one bad thing. The bad thing that it brought with it was the fact that all of our advertising pieces are now out-of-date. We have several fliers, business cards, and other artifacts that we purchased to use for advertising with the old address on them. While the address is out-of-date, it is not unusable. The old address will still bring you to the new site. However, we would like to get rid of our stock so that we can get new ones to use. This is where we need your help. If you would be willing to help us spread the word by passing out a few items to your family, friends, or other people you know, we would greatly appreciate it. We have listed the items we have below, so that you can see examples of the material. If you like our work and are interested in helping us spread the word, then please contact us at As usual, thank you for all of your support and dedication.

Rack Flyers


1) Featured excerpt: Howling

Front ^

Back ^

2) Feature excerpt: Night's Final Hour

Front ^

Back ^

3) Logo


Back ^

Business Cards


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